Powerful end-to-end test management software that arms you
with insights, flexibility and visibility.

Streamline testing processes, ensure transparency and visibility, and
release high-quality software.


Centralised Ecosystem

Collaborate with all the stakeholders to plan, gather requirements and test cases on one platform


Repurpose and Reuse

Create, categorize and store your test cases on the test management tool. Reduce your project kick-off time significantly


Customizable Reports

Real-time dashboards, graphs, reports and actionable insights, tailored according to your needs


Frictionless Integration

Integrate with JIRA test management software and other platforms to avail full benefit of best-of-breed systems


Track Results

A good test management tool is the key to avoiding bugs; therefore, running test cases and monitoring results efficiently


Intuitive Navigation and Interface

Effortlessly navigate through the software with our user-friendly interface


Extensive report generation and metrics measurement with a test management tool.

In-depth reports for projects, milestones, plans and runs

Compare results across multiple configurations and milestones

Track workload to efficiently adjust assignments and resources

Tracking and traceability of test case changes, case activity, and newly added tests.

Jira Integration

Seamless Integration

Testworthy offers smooth JIRA integration to enhance your teams’ collaboration and boost productivity

Productive Management

View and manage Testworthy test execution data on your Jira issues.

Bugs and Reports

Create meaningful reports with your JIRA data and push bug reports to JIRA and link issue IDs.