About Us

We at Testworthy understand that an experience must be flawless. Our vision is to help organizations create maximum desired impact with our software. The mission is to ensure the development of high-quality software products, without compromising on speed, collaboration or agility.

Testworthy is a comprehensive, robust automated software testing tool, which allows organizations to plan and execute thorough testing on their products, enabling a seamless and hassle-free experience to their customers.

Why choose us?

Agile and Traditional
Testing Approaches

Designed to deliver performance for any kind of workflow: be it agile or other traditional approaches. Your QA team can efficiently manage your functional, exploratory and automated tests.

Gain Transparency and
Visibility into QA

Complete accountability of all testing activities and QA metrics on a single platform. This allows for improved collaboration, risk evaluation and release of higher-quality software.

Enhanced Team

With its easy interface and intuitive design, QA resources require little to no training to use the software. With Testworthy, witness incredible team collaboration, time management, and test coverage.

Customizable and

Designed to work equally well with both small companies and large enterprises. Companies can start building and testing for free, and scale their pricing packages as they grow!