Frequently Asked Questions

What is Testworthy?
Testworthy is a comprehensive, robust automated test management tool, which empowers software organizations to thoroughly plan and execute testing on their products, and deliver faster and seamless experiences to their customers.
What are the key features of Testworthy?
Testworthy has several features that makes it an ideal test management tool. These include a centralized ecosystem, through which all stakeholders can manage tests, requirements and test cases on one platform. It also tracks and monitors results efficiently. The customized Test Reporting feature provides real-time dashboards, graphs, QA test reports and any other actionable insights, depending on the user's needs. The Test Case Planning feature ensures executing tests and managing their pass/fail status. Additionally, the tool's design enables effective reuse and repurposing of test cases, significantly reducing project kick-off time and consequently, faster delivery.
Who can benefit from Testworthy?
Any software team looking to automate and streamline their software efforts, and effectively utilize their resources can benefit from Testworthy. The test management tool is designed to manage test cases, runs and plans.
I am a freelancer giving testing service to different clients. Does Testworthy has anything for me?
Testworthy is a comprehensive test management tool designed to manage test cases, runs and plans. Whether you are a freelancer, or a QA team in a small or large company, Testworthy can help you streamline your testing efforts. Have a look at our different pricing packages, and choose the one which fit your specific requirements.
I have mistakenly deleted sections (test cases/test suite etc.) from my Testworthy account / project. Is there any way to recover it?
Using the delete option permanently deletes all the sub-items in it. For example, deleting a particular test suite will result in the deletion of all test cases parked in that suite. Similarly, deleting a milestone will permanently remove all sub-milestones within it. To avoid any inconvenience, deletion of an item is processed only after taking a confirmation from the user.
Can JIRA be integrated with Testworthy?
Yes, you can integrate Jira with Testworthy. This integration would help you provide ticket number, view the ticket number, title, description, type, project name, status, assignee, creator, and priority of the tickets directly from Testworthy. Integration with JIRA ensures better connectivity and a seamless testing process. You can also integrate Testworthy to Jira and view test cases for any ticket inside Jira. You can download the setup guides:
  1. 1. Jira to TestWorthy Integration
  2. 2. TestWorthy to Jira Integration
What are the pricing options for Testworthy?
Testworthy offers excellent best-value subscription offers. The subscription packages can be monthly and are based on the number of activated users you have. Each option includes access to the latest product version, upgrades, all releases and full support. Visit our Pricing page to select the option that best suits your business.
I am facing a payment problem. Is there any way to reach out to the team?
At Testworthy, we are always there to help you out with any problem. If you are facing a payment issue, please send us your complaint (along with a screenshot if possible) on or fill out contact Us form. Our representative will get back to you within 12 to 24 hours.
Can I use a trial version before purchasing Testworthy?
Yes, you can use the trial version before purchasing Testworthy. The trial version can be used by up to 5 users before making a purchase. To start your trial version, visit the Pricing page.
How many users can use Testworthy under one subscription?
To cater to different business needs, Testworthy offers various subscription packages. Testworthy's Standard package can be used by up to 20 users, the Professional package by up to 50 users, and our Enterprise package can cater to up to 100 users. For more details, visit the Pricing page.
Can I switch to another subscription type?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan as per your requirements. The new subscription will come in effect after the current one ends.
How can I purchase Testworthy?
To purchase, visit the Pricing page, select your desired subscription and click Sign Up.
I have very specific usage requirements. How can I request a quote which caters to my requirements?
Our packages are designed to cater to a vast majority of requirements and users. You can review our different packages and select the one best for you. If in case you are looking for a customized, bespoke solution, please feel free to email us your requirements at and we'll get back to you at the earliest.
How are the payments processed?
Payments are processed via Stripe's Payment Gateway. You can utilize your Credit/Debit Cards to make end-to-end secure payments. It can be utilized to make payments in case you want to upgrade/downgrade your plan or to restart your expired account.
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